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Tinka Hampton’s life is anything but easy. Her mother, Nicola, has 3 children by 3 different fathers and goes from one low paying job to the next, trying to keep her family afloat. Her young sons run the streets selling drugs and engaging in other criminal activities.

Nicola gives up on her sons, but doesn’t on her daughter. She encourages Tinka to stay in school and become educated & do something worthwhile with her life.

However, Tinka dislikes being the good girl all the time, and when she lays eyes on Nine, she becomes turned on by his mysterious smile and runs into his arms.

When Tinka is put out of her house, she has nowhere to turn, and moves in with her boyfriend and his drug addicted mother.

Soon her family falls apart. However, there is hope. Tinka receives a letter from her aunt with an airplane ticket to Italy.

When Nine finds out he becomes consumed with rage and tries to get Tinka to stay. The consequences of what Nine does, changes both his & Tinka’s life forever.




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