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About Us....

With a passion for reading, passed down from my mother, when my best friend recommended I read "The Coldest Winter Ever" and she would read it with me (and she was not an avid book reader, Shared Thoughts Book Club was born; that was in April 2000!!! Who would have thought after all of these years, we would still be here and stronger than ever as a African American Women's Book Club!!!!

The members of Shared Thoughts come from a variety of professional backgrounds. We have members in the Medical Field, Clinical Research, Law Enforcement, Judiciary and Retirees, who all share in their passion for reading.   

Shared Thoughts Book Club is a proud supporter of African American Literature. We read books written by African American Authors (unless there is a vote taken to read a non-AA author) and do not limit ourselves in the types of books that are selected. We read from all genre's, including, but not limited to Christian, Romantic, Urban Lit, Self-Help, Sci-Fi and everything in between, including those books that are, what I like to call, 'Daytime Reading', you know, the scary stuff that gives me nightmares!!!!  

The ladies of STBC meet once a month, every 3rd weekend, either Friday or Saturday, at the discretion of the Hostess. Within our Circle of Hostess', the Hostess of the Month chooses the book and the location of the meeting. We update our calendar annually so you always are aware well in advance of when your meeting will take place, and the calendar is updates as needed. Along with discussing the book of the selected for the month, we have a great time in fellowship with food, fun and laughter!

Each year, we have exciting Anniversary celebrations where we have done everything from Broadway plays, weekend retreats and traveling!! Check out our photo's to see some of our adventures!! Bonding, Reading and Sharing is the premise of Shared Thoughts Book Club.

Mission Statements

 Thoughts strives:

· To promote reading among African American women and support African American authors.

· To provide and open forum to "Share Our Thoughts" about the quality and integrity of the books we select.

· To encourage responsible writing and publishing of literature written by African American authors.

· To have and exchange of ideas through networking with other book clubs and literary organizations.

· To make group investments for the purpose of attending worthy literary endeavors.

. To give back to the community through responsible fundraising and mentorship.

If you are interested in becoming a prospective member of Shared Thoughts Book Club, please go to the prospective member pageof this website or email us @ or call us at 1-888-599-1589. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alethea Dixon, President

Shared Thoughts Book Club

May 2023

 Book Club Selection 

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