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Thank you for inquiring about Shared Thoughts Book Club's membership. Shared Thoughts Book Club consists of an array of women who, among other things, believe in supporting African-American Literature through reading and participating in literary events. We meet once a month to come together in Sisterhood, for the purpose of Sharing Our Thoughts and breaking bread!

Here's a brief synopsis of what is expected of members of Shared Thoughts Book Club:

Attend all meetings. Meeting are held every 3rd weekend of the month, with the exact day at the discretion of the hostess, but usually a Friday and sometimes Saturday.

  • Read at least 100 pages of the book selection

  • Dues are $25.00 per month

  • Contribute to book club discussions

  • Participate in all book club activities, i.e. networking events, fundraisers, outings, etc.

Of course, the guidelines are more detailed, but if you can commit to the above, I'm sure Shared Thoughts Book Club is a good choice for you!!!! 

Please feel free to complete the questionnaire below if you would like to be considered for membership and we will contact you regarding membership. 

Alethea, President,

Shared Thoughts Book Club

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